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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stack Overflow Careers?

Stack Overflow Careers matches great programmers on Stack Overflow with great jobs.

Programmers can search our job board and submit their resume to any of the thousand plus open positions, or create a Stack Overflow Careers profile to be discovered by employers looking to hire great programmers.

Employers can reach the best programming talent from the Stack Overflow community by posting a job listing, or searching our candidate database.

FAQ For Employers

What is Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow is a free programming Q&A site full of professional and enthusiast programmers. Programmers ask questions, give answers, and collaborate on a wide variety of technical issues.

Why should I post my jobs to the Stack Overflow Careers job board?

Because your jobs will be found by great programmers and can be featured on top programming sites on the internet. Job listings run on:


Programmers will also find you searching by job title, keyword, company name, and location.

How many people will see my job listings?

Stack Overflow Careers job listings reach over 25 million programmers across Stack Overflow.

How can I edit my job posting?

To edit your job listing, go to “my jobs” and select the listing that you want to edit. Once you’re viewing the job post, you’ll have the option to “edit this listing” in the top left hand corner of the page.

How much do job listings cost?

Job listings start at $495 for a 30-day listing. Discounts are given for pre-purchasing multiple jobs, and there are options to upgrade to premium listings.

See more on job listings pricing

What are the benefits of premium listings?

Premium listings are a great way to upgrade you listing to increase clickthroughs and impressions. We offer two premium upgrades.

Featured Listings - receive special placement on the homepage and are highlighted in the job list and in search results.

Top Spot - listings always appear in the top position on, and are shown 4 times as often as standard listings.

Learn more about premium listings

Why should I subscribe to candidate search on Stack Overflow Careers?

Because you’ll find great programmers. We’ve taken the largest pool of programmers in the world, and prescreened them to include only active Stack Overflow members and programmers invited by their peers. You’re already starting with some great talent: programmers who care about improving their skills all the time, are willing to help their peers, and are good at explaining things.

Then, instead of just giving you a traditional resume, we’ll show you a sample of the peer-reviewed answers from Stack Overflow. This is a great way to see the actual quality of the work the programmer does, how deep their knowledge goes, and whether they are good at communicating their ideas.

See a sample profile

How many candidates are in your database?

There are 226,773 searchable candidates in our database:

  • 54,684 candidates actively looking for a job
  • 172,089 other candidates open to being contacted

Is everyone on Stack Overflow Careers a great programmer?

Not everyone you’ll find is right for you. Not all of them are great. But you can find out a lot more about them before you interview them, so you can save a lot of time getting to the person you need to hire.

What is the difference between an “Active Candidate” and a “Passive Candidate?”

Active candidates have indicated to us that they are actively looking for new jobs. If you are interested in hiring one of them, they will receive a message via email immediately and can choose whether to reply.

Passive candidates are users who haven’t indicated that they’re looking for a job. They are primarily Stack Overflow users who are not actively looking. They are probably happy where they are, but, who knows? Maybe you can make them an offer they can’t resist.

How do I know if you have qualified candidates in my area?

Even before you sign up, try a sample search on our site, and we’ll tell you how many matching candidates we have.

Try the search interface

I’m a recruiting specialist, not a programmer. Will I be able to tell who is a good programmer from their work on Stack Overflow?

Think of this part of the process as the first technical interview. Instead of scheduling a screening call with a member of your technical staff, just have your staff review the candidate’s profile. This is a much faster way to identify candidates that merit final interviews.

Do you offer a free trial for candidate search?

There is no free trial for candidate search, but you can preview the search interface.

Try it out here

How much does candidate search cost?

Subscriptions are available starting at $1,000.

1 month $1,000
6 months $3,000
1 year $5,000

Why can I only have 20 outstanding messages?

Limiting the number of outstanding messages helps us control spam sent to candidates and encourages employers to keep messages relevant to a candidate’s interest, experience and qualifications. Once a candidate replies, or after 7 days if they do not reply, a message spot is freed up.

What is your refund policy if I don’t find a suitable candidate, and how do I get one?

We know there are great people on Stack Overflow, but if you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, just let us know within 90 days and we’ll refund the full amount you paid. To receive a refund, simply call us at +1-877-782-2577 or email us within the 90 day period.

Are there things we shouldn't do?

Thanks for asking! In fact there are some things that we don't allow. Read our house rules to learn more.

Need more information?

Give one of our recruiting specialists a call at +1-877-782-2577 or email us.

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Job Targeting

What is it?

Targeting is a new, built-in feature that allows you to choose the specific developer demographic you're looking to hire.

How does it work?

When you post or edit a job listing, you'll be guided to define the targeting parameters for the position and listing. Parameters will include developer type, technology ecosystems, Stack Overflow tags, and location.

What are the different targeting criteria?

  • Developer TypesThe broadest targeting attribute. These help us understand the type of developer you are looking to hire.
  • Technology EcosystemsNarrow sets of commonly related technologies. These help us understand which ecosystem the developer you are looking for currently uses.
  • StackOverflow Tags Represent specific technologies and languages. Up to five tags are pulled from the Key Technologies section of your job listing, and you have the ability to add 2 additional tags. These help us understand the specific technology skill set required of the developer you are looking to hire. Since we target ads based on the most popular keywords on Stack Overflow, try to include some key technologies in your job listing that are more general, as opposed to the incredibly niche skills you're looking for.
  • Targeted Region Candidates from selected regions will be able to view your job listing. Candidates in regions not selected will not see job listings in searches, advertisements, or other premium spots.
  • Targeted City While listings will still serve impressions regionally, the city selected in the "Targeted City" box will be prioritized when targeting impressions.

What's the difference between Technology Ecosystems and Stack Overflow Tags?

Think of ecosystems as bundles of tags. Tags themselves are very narrow in scope, while ecosystems involve a wide range of technologies that are related. Furthermore, Tags are derived mostly from your job listing's Key Technologies, where as ecosystems allow you to dictate your needs.

Am I be able to target any city in the world?

Yes. The ad will be targeted based on any city you've added to the job listing.

How much does it cost?

Targeting does not cost anything extra. It's a free, value-added feature to your job listings.

How does targeting help me as an employer looking to hire?

Targeting helps you by allowing your listings to better reach the types of developers you're looking to hire. It gives you more control over who sees the listing. Our intention with improved targeting is to increase the number of relevant clicks, which in turn increases job views from relevant candidates. Simply put, if you're looking to hire a C++ developer, we'll show your job listings to C++ developers. Best of all, it's a free value-add!

Is the feature available to all customers?

Yes, the feature will be available to all customers, new and existing.

What happens if I leave one or more of the targeting fields blank?

We'll target based off the information you give us, which automatically includes any Key Technologies in your job listing that match any of the most popular tags on Stack Overflow question pages. If any field is left blank, nothing bad happens; we'll just look to the fields that are filled out. Your target demographic will be wider.

What's the best way to fill out these targeting fields? (Should I use as many details as possible for better results?)

The best way is to put in at least one criteria for each targeting field that accurately describes the developer you're trying to hire. If you want a broader group of developers to see your ad, use fewer targeting criteria. If you want a more narrow group to see your ad, use more targeting criteria.

Can I skip the targeting step?

Of course! If you would like to fill out job listings the traditional way, that option is still available by leaving the fields blank and clicking, "Continue."

Can I change the targeting criteria after I post the job listing?

All of our job listings are editable at any time, and the same is true for editing the targeting criteria. You might want to give it a few days to run before making any changes.

Hey, I don’t see the tag I want under the "Stack Overflow Tags" criterion. Why?

Tag targeting is limited to the top 1,000 most used tags on Stack Overflow. If a tag is not on this list, then the targeting demographic would be too narrow to serve you.

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FAQ For Programmers

What is a Stack Overflow Careers Profile?

A Stack Overflow Careers profile is the ultimate programmer portfolio. It includes traditional resume stuff (education and experience), but also includes your favorite answers from Stack Overflow, and links to other examples of your work like blog posts and Open Source.

How do I get one?

How much does a profile cost?

There is no charge to programmers wanting a profile. The system is entirely paid for by employers.

Do I have to have a Stack Overflow account?


Do I need a Stack Overflow Careers profile to apply to jobs listings on the job board?

No. While having a Careers profile could help you save time while applying to multiple positions, you are free to apply to any job listing without a profile or logging in.

Who can view my Careers profile?

That’s up to you. If you do make it public, we’ll give you a URL you can give out when you apply for jobs. You can change these settings inside “my profile” on the right hand column.

Will I be harassed by recruiters?

No. You can always control whether your profile appears in employer searches, and you can block any employer that sends you unwanted messages.

What is the difference between an “Active Candidate” and a “Passive Candidate?”

An active candidate is someone who is currently seeking a new job. They appear in all employer searches. If an employer wants to contact them, they will be notified by email, on Stack Overflow Careers, and in their Stack Exchange inbox.

A passive candidate is someone who isn't looking for a new job right now, but is open to the occasional message from a well-matched employer.

We also give recruiters a tool to search public profiles on Stack Overflow, information that is already public; any results which come up are shown as passive candidates. If a recruiter wants to contact you based on your public profile, we will ask your permission first via the Stack Exchange inbox.

I love my job, or, I had pre-IPO stock in Google and never need to work again. How do I make sure employers stop contacting me?

The first time an employer asks permission to contact you, just select the option to block all employers and you’ll never hear from anyone again.

I never signed up for this Stack Overflow Careers thing. Why do I have a profile?

You have a Stack Overflow profile which is visible to anyone on the Internet (not just employers). The contents of this profile are entirely controlled by you, and if you make changes on your Stack Overflow profile they will be pulled into Careers within 24 hours.

What if I previously paid for membership in Stack Overflow Careers?

If you paid for the 1.0 version of Stack Overflow Careers, your profile has automatically been upgraded to Stack Overflow Careers and you will have a free lifetime membership. We no longer charge any job seekers to participate.

How does job ad targeting help me as a developer?

Don't ads suck? Well not these. We're not going to waste your time with ads that aren't relevant to you anymore. We're only going to show you things are more likely to interest you. These are more likely to provide value. They are jobs that you'll want to apply to.

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