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Job Description

We are looking for two intermediate or senior software developers to help us create amazing mobile applications that are genuinely useful to businesses. 

Skills & Requirements

The ideal candidates have the following characteristics:

What you know (technical know-how)

  • At least two years of professional software development experience (at least seven years for the senior developer position)
    • More experience is better. However, we don’t want someone who has been working in software for five years, but who really just has one year’s worth of experience repeated five times.
  • A history of developing real-world applications for mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Android or iOS)
    • Projects you did in school or “Hello world” apps you wrote on weekends to get to know the platform don’t count; that’s just coding. We want someone who has designed, written, tested, released and maintained mobile software that is used by real people.
  • Competence with C# and SQL Server with Visual Studio and Team System is preferred
    • While we are moving into the Android and iOS space, the fact is that most of our current work is in Windows Mobile, so previous experience with that technology and toolset means you can get up to speed faster.

Who you are (personal attitudes)

  • Humble
    • Not a prima donna. You are willing to do whatever needs to be done to get the project out the door, not just what you feel is your speciality.
    • Team player. You consider the needs of your colleagues, not just your own.
    • Honest. While you have the initiative to work independently, you ask for help when it’s needed.
    • Confident. You are willing to admit you don’t know it all and eager to learn from others.
  • Light-hearted
    • You know that being professional doesn’t mean being formal or stoic. You can be serious when the situation calls for it, but your preferred mode is goofy.
    • You have a healthy sense of humour, including the ability to laugh at yourself.
  • Pragmatic
    • Finisher. When the project is no longer fun, you can buckle down and “git ‘er done”. [Hey – that rhymes!]
    • Engineer, not a scientist. You realize that a “good enough” solution that takes 2 hours is better than a “perfect” solution that takes 2 days.
  • Committed to growth
    • You are always working on your craft, wanting to learn better ways of doing things
    • You are willing to take junior programmers under your wing and launch them on their own careers of excellence

About Nuway Software Inc.

Nuway Software is a leading enterprise mobile software company located in Burlington, Ontario. We have a small team of highly-qualified developers who have delivered technical solutions for some of Canada’s best companies, such as Purolator, Sleep Country, Voortman Cookie, TST Overland Express, Canpar, Core-Mark, ICS Courier, and many more.

Developers at Nuway enjoy these benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Broad-spectrum medical coverage, including drug, dental, and optometry
  • Innovation Fridays – Friday afternoons are dedicated to working on projects you define that keep Nuway ahead of the curve
  • Exercise with a personal trainer twice a week (75% subsidized)
  • Foosball table
  • Ball hockey
  • Free coffee and all the water you can drink

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