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Job Description


  • Consulting with clients and understanding their needs with regard to the entire environment,
  • Developing technology solutions for client-specific requirements,
  • Developing complex e-commerce systems,
  • Occasionally developing and releasing extensions for open source systems,
  • Complete responsibility for the execution of projects,
  • Documentation and maintenance

Skills & Requirements


  • HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery


  • Development experience with Magento or similar e-commerce systems and frameworks,
  • Independent project planning, development and management experience

About Sitewards GmbH


Sitewards provides web solutions based on open source systems to a variety of clients.We cover the entire development process from consulting with the clients, developing a concept design, the technical development, maintenance and continuous development. Our clients include a number of well-known brands, mid-size companies and ad agencies.


  • A high-caliber international team, a friendly and professional atmosphere,
  • We all speak English but we’ll still pay your first 3 German courses at the Goethe Institut,
  • Independent individual development. Do you want to learn something new in the business? Just do it! With us you’ll do the “Zend Certified Engineer” and “Magento Certified Developer” certifications anyways and participate in conferences and User Groups etc.
  • Various projects with the newest ideas and latest technologies,
  • Benefits like yearly profit sharing, a car or travel expenses, a smartphone and laptop,
  • A beautiful office in central Frankfurt, directly on the riverfront ( with Wifi access down to the river. The office is walking distance to the Frankfurt Main Station.
  • Another office in handsome Leipzig (forget Berlin!), with its noticeable developer community, historical architecture and a great nightlife!
  • The best coffee in the city, beer in the fridge and a Weber gas barbecue on the veranda.


… is a big town with a mixed neo-baroque-to-modern flair in architecture, green hills around where you could go hiking, a serene river to wet your feet on a warm day, bicycle lanes, cultural and culinary diversity. Our office at the riverfront is not far from the city centre. 

Joel Test score: 12 out of 12

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.

  • Do you use source control?
  • Can you make a build in one step?
  • Do you make daily builds?
  • Do you have a bug database?
  • Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
  • Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
  • Do you have a spec?
  • Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
  • Do you use the best tools money can buy?
  • Do you have testers?
  • Do new candidates write code during their interview?
  • Do you do hallway usability testing?

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We have great benefits

Innovative UrlaubsregelungSpitzen Hardware und FirmenhandyFlexible ArbeitszeitenLecker Kaffee und Getränke gratisFirmenfahrzeug oder Fahrkartenerstattung, unmittelbare Nähe zum BahnhoWork & Life in Balance

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