Job Description

ThoughtWorks is synonymous with innovation. We’re dedicated to the art of perfecting software delivery by keeping it lightweight, fast-moving and open-source.  Our clients are people and organizations with ambitious missions – whether they’re in the commercial, social, or government sectors. They trust us to deliver the disruptive thinking and technology that empowers them to succeed.

By joining ThoughtWorks, you join a diverse community of bright individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change.  In our 20th year, over 2300 ThoughtWorkers are currently serving clients from offices across 11 countries.

We're seeking passionate technologists, regardless of background to work with us. We want hackers, philosophers, activists – courageous people with good hearts and creative approaches to problem-solving. 

As a Developer, here’s what you can do at ThoughtWorks:

  • Learn something new everyday.
  • Travel the world.
  • Speak at conferences.
  • Write blogs and books.
  • Start new offices in places you’ve never been before.
  • Think through hard problems, and work with a team to make them reality.
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchal, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role title
  • Develop your career outside of the confinements of a traditional career path by focusing on what you’re passionate about rather than a predetermined one-size-fits-all plan
  • Build bespoke software solutions
  • Mentor and evangelize Agile, Lean, and Continuous Development coding best practices

Skills & Requirements

Here’s what you’ll bring:Development and delivery experience with Java, .NET and/or Ruby

  • Have helped develop large, custom-built object-oriented applications
  • Great OO skills, including strong design patterns knowledge
  • Experience working with, or an interest in Agile Methodologies, such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum
  • Ability to work in a variety of client settings and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Knowledge of software best practices, like test driven development and continuous integration
  • Experience of working in a forward thinking, OSS-centric environment

We work almost exclusively on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services, so you’ll be flexible about travel, and willing to travel extensively as part of your role.  Many of our consultants travel every week and fly home for weekends. We do everything we can to make life here as easy as possible and do our best to take people’s personal situations into account.

Our North America offices are in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Toronto.  Relocation isn't necessary if you live in one of these cities. If you live elsewhere, please let us know to which one you are willing to relocate to. Relocation assistance is provided.

About ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks - A software company and community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change. Our clients are people and organizations with ambitious missions; we deliver disruptive thinking and technology to empower them to succeed. 

In our 20th year, over 2300 ThoughtWorks employees - ‘ThoughtWorkers’ - are currently serving clients from offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, the U.K., and the U.S.


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