Job Description

About the role:

The Lonely Planet Online team is responsible for delivering, a place that inspires, connects and helps travellers. We are challenged with bringing over 40 years of authored travel content to life on the web in a way that is engaging for our community and relevant for individual travellers.

We’re passionate about our products and the evolving technologies we use to build them. We want engineers that want to build stuff quickly, probably break things along the way and fix it even faster. We use lean principles. We value rapid deployment, metrics driven engineering and experimentation.

We love open source development and encourage engineers to open source their work or contribute to open source projects. Do you contribute to an open source project or write a blog? Let us know. We’re interested in what you’re excited about. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Web Operations specialists are responsible for working alongside developers to ensure that can efficiently deliver a stable and fast product to travellers. runs on AWS and we control everything using Chef.

Skills & Requirements


  • believe infrastructure as code and automation are awesome (we use Chef)
  • worship highly availability and performant infrastructure
  • are Master of the Linux Universe
  • know what’s what with AWS
  • have experienced the challenges of running web applications scale
  • can’t live without source code management (we use GitHub)
  • feel happiest work closely with devs
  • know a bit about Ruby
  • perhaps (but not essentially) know your way around Postgres
  • need to understand technology problems as part of a broader product vision
  • respect Ron Swanson (OK, this one isn’t really a requirement)
  • have passion for travel and interest in building systems that connect travellers with content and each other.

About Lonely Planet

Our Technology:

We’re big believers in ‘right tool for the right job’ and encourage engineers to try new technology. But just to give you a taste, this is some of the technology we’re currently big fans of:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Sass, Haml, Coffescript
  • AWS, Chef
  • Ubuntu, PostGres.

We challenge Engineers to be involved in the product, not just the code. In weekly planning sessions, Engineers bring product and technology ideas and work together with a Product Manager to set priorities and goals for the week.

At Lonely Planet we:

  • support a healthy work-life balance
  • provide flexible working arrangements
  • work as a unified team across Design, Development, Product, Operations and other broader groups of very talented people
  • are pretty relaxed about most things (every now and then someone even swears, you have been duly warned)
  • don’t really care what you wear (so long as you are clothed)
  • are obsessed with table tennis (not all of us).

Lonely Planet currently has development teams in London and Melbourne and we’re growing a team in Nashville. We are looking for people with a variety of skills and experience.

Across LP we’re working with large amounts of content from our amazing authors and a growing number of other sources so we can continue to deliver rich, up to date content to travellers through a variety of products and platforms.

Lonely Planet has always been at the forefront of travel in the digital world launching in 1995 and travel guides for Palm Pilot in 1999 and iOS apps a decade later. That passion continues today with teams in London and Nashville continually innovating and improving the experience for travellers visiting our website. We’re entering an exciting new era of Lonely Planet on mobile, being led from our Nashville office.


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We have great benefits

Choose your own machineFlexi-timeSeason ticket loan20 - 25 daysFortnightly dev dayFlexibility to work from homePension matching schemeConferences and trainingCasual work environmentWork alongside a talented, driven team

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Web Operations Engineer at Lonely Planet - Amazon Web Services