Job Description

Learning is breaking free from the confines of paper, and moving onto the web. Studyflow is one of the first adaptive e-learning platforms trying to make this content truly digitally native. Together with developers, designers and educational specialists we are rethinking what education means in a digital age. We are not afraid to experiment, and this means we are constantly working on the cutting edge. 

Our Mission

Unsurprisingly, our mission is to increase the world's conductivity of learning. To fulfill this mission, we are looking for passionate engineers with the drive to contribute to something greater than themselves.

A massive challenge

As an engineer you will work on impactful and challenging problems. Every day we are pioneering adaptive learning, not only on a technical level (personalised education calls for big, structured databases, and the management of this data, algorithmic learning), but also on an interface, and didactical level.

At Studyflow you will be building tools which harness the  raw data from our students and use it to create the optimal learning experience. Working at Studyflow is therefore inherently diverse; one day you will be working on a new achievement system to encourage our students to practice more, the next day you are sifting through gigabytes of data in order to recommend the optimal learning window for a specific student.

Skills & Requirements

We are looking for a strong all-round developer with an emphasis on front-end development. You have at least two years of experience using JavaScript frameworks like Node.js, Backbone or Meteor (we use Facebook's React.js: and know your way around Ruby on Rails. Having experience with TDD/BDD is a pré as is working on OS X or Linux.

You will be given true freedom at Studyflow. In return you need to be able to handle this freedom responsibly. We don't mind too much how, where or when you work (no 9-5), but we do ask you to create at least three hours a day where we can work together. Fluent English is a requirement but an accent isn’t a problem. We Dutchies already have the worst accent after all ;).

About Studyflow

Studyflow is a driven team of individuals working together on changing education for the better. We are an informal, passionate group that values creativity, hard work and a positive attitude. For us, our time at this company is an opportunity to better ourselves while helping the world.

Although we would like you to be present in our office in Amsterdam, we do allow remote work most days. Our communication takes place through Slack, Hangouts and Asana. The technical team currently consists of 1 designer and 4 developers.


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JavaScript (ReactJS) & Rails developer - Amsterdam at Studyflow - Ruby On Rails